Biggest Crime Community which is run by mostly scum women who are super fat-ass

Biggest Internet Community of Misandrist(man-hater) who have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Korea.

Biggest Socio-Psychopath Feminazi Community without any Moral Sense.

Biggest Social Inferiority Shaminist Losers Community who always Blame Men every time.

Internet ISIS(ISIL) in Korea.


The term Megalia is from the English term MERSC (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) : a deadly virus which hit Korea in 2015 and the fictional country Egalia in a novel, Egalia's Daughters.



In May 29th 2015, the patients zero(first patients) escaped quarantine zone in Hong Kong. User of MERSC Gallery in Dcinside(Korean Internet Community) assume that the patients was Korean men and did hate-speeches at all men in Korea. However, In fact, the two patient zero were women. One month later, User of MERSC Gallery were banned by Dcinside administrator. So they made their own website called because was already exist. Also they called themselves Megalian.

Early Megalia

They took very extreme stance on speaking online anonymously. However, in offline, they tried to hide their identity because they are social losers, fat-ass and sociopath. Everyday, all they did was talking hate-speech about Korean men in their website and other websites. In addition, the most strange thing was that they like western men. Even they like watching western gay porn in their website


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